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John III, Jonathan & Antramico


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OK, so brothers John Johnson III and Jonathan Johnson were walking along the road in a suburb of Atlanta, when Antramico Williams ran over John the 3rd (I Think). So, Johnathan (I think), pulled out a pistol and shot Antramico 13 times and then fled, leaving brother John the 3rd (I think) injured on the ground, beside the now-deceased Antramico. William's mother says that he is the second son she has lost to gun violence, so he is technically Antramico the 2nd(I think). Jonathan was later arrested and charged with murder.

I bet that is going to be a fun report to write.


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I'm beginning to think I am going to swear off ever entering another urban area again.  I haven't been to Detroit in at least a decade.  I don't go into Cleveland when I visit my parents.  I may give up my every-five-year visits to Baltimore to be a lab rat for the study I've been in for 24 years, just because it's IN Baltimore (it was a much more pleasant 3 days when it was on the John Hopkins campus.   I could go for walks when I wasn't in the lab.  Can't do THAT in Baltimoron without risking life and limb... and it looks like ya' can't do that in just about any city anymore...

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