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When a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making trouble in the neighborhood

Huaco Kid

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Now the place that the overnight call center said would have a new car,  has no record of me.

I called the place that I rented the car from,  and they have no record of me renting a car.

So,  I just handed the keys (to a car I don't possess) to a surly wrecker driver, who drove off with it.

And no one has any record of anything.

I don't know if I'm a car thief, or not.

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The call center put a "lock" on my rental agreement, so no one could access it, until the insurance information could be verified.

The rental place in Philly was full of very nice and helpful associates.  Not surly or angry.  At all.  Not one bit. Nope.

I love this city.

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Cops don’t care about converter theft here. Ultra low priority.

But they will throw a car owner in jail in a second if the owner does something like catch a thief with a saw active cutting the converter off and does something like kick the maggot in the balls. Yep. They won’t tolerate that. 

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There was a big burly guy wandering around very early this morning, with a SECURITY shirt, badge on his belt, bloused pants, and a radio (to Command HQ, obviously).  I guess he was napping the other night.

Another huge event tonight.  Looks like a wedding reception.  Maybe this place will get "lively", here in a little bit.

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