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Michael J Fox RIP


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You guys remember when Rush (RIP) on his radio show got in trouble for imitating Fox who was testifying before a Congressional panel about Govt. health care?  He said Fox deliberately did not take his meds before the meeting to emphasis his condition.  He made some gestures/movements that were caught on his video feed.  

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5 hours ago, LostinTexas said:

May be, may not be. It seems there was a premature passing not too long ago. It may have been Michael. I don't remember.

I haven't seen it on any other feed either.



His mother recently died which may have been where the confusion started. 

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2 hours ago, railfancwb said:

A relative had Parkinson’s as did Muhammad Ali. Some would say a coin toss between Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Wouldn’t wish either on anyone. 

A good freind of mine who I've known since high school and was in business with in the mid 1970's, is the same age as I am (75 next wednesday) and he has parkinson's and I've watched him deteriorate in the past few years. I have health problems of my-own and they're nothing compared to his.

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