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Took a chance - SCCY DVG-1


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Pick up probably next Wednesday. For $177.00 plus, but with a $50.00 rebate.

Liked its size and weight, about the size of a P365 but lighter. From all I've read I expect it to show feeding issues which can be attributed to the magazine. Either SCCY makes its own or outsources them but certainly not from MecGar.

As always, I intend to test it out-of-the-box, uncleaned. But first I will check that the magazine springs are oriented correctly. That seems to be an issue. At worse, I will then have to call SCCY and request a new magazine, which they will send for free. Push comes to shove, I'll replace the magazine spring with one for a P365.  That's usually where the problem is.

And I also plan to see if a P365 magazine will fit, without adjustments.


SCCY DVG-1 9MM 3.1 10RD 2TONE RD – Kirkpatrick Guns & Ammo

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Fit and finish is excellent. It certainly doesn't look like a $125.00 (after rebate) gun.

Manually, it extracts and feeds properly. Had my doubts about the magazine spring so I purchased two (2) P365s from Lakeline. Unable to load full with the factory magazine springs, as expected. Hope the 365s mag springs will fit without modification.  

Also got it a Hogue beavertail Handall. Will fit my hand size better. Better fit, better purchase.

Btw, received dry as a bone. After mods, the proof in the pudding.

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Decided against firing it bone dry. Mostly followed SCCY's directions.

Clenzoil hinge pin jelly in the front of the underside of the slide and on the barrel and the edge of the rail. Breakfree CLP on the trigger and sear area. Hoppe's #9 oil on the RSA and on the striker block. Slip 2000 on the receiver rails. 

Action and trigger smoothed remarkably.

Plan on carrying it with Norma MHP 108 or Federal HST 150.  It's quite top heavy.

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