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What The Heck

Mrs Glockrunner

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Years ago when I was doing road service in Illinois, I got an early morning call that truck had lost a set of duals.

I got there and it wasn't a truck, but rather a Country band tour bus, but yes it had lost the right rear duals. We searched but could only find one of the wheels. The driver said he felt it let go and watched the tires pass him.

I looked over the damage and made a parts list of studs, lug nuts, brake drum, two rims and a tire. Loaded the one tire we found and headed out for the parts leaving the guys in the bus who were going to search for the other wheel.

Hours later I had the bus back together on rolling down I 64.  We never found the missing wheel.

A week later we were at the shop and a call came in on the police scanner that a couple had come home from vacation and found a hole in their house and a truck tire in their kitchen.

The tire had come loose, crossed both lanes of I64, down a hill through a creek bed an on through a wheat field. It traveled a total of over 3 miles and still had enough inertia to blow through the wall of that house.

Lots of energy in one of those heavy wheels when it lets go at 60 or 70mph.

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