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Can't they just execute him?


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The problem seems to be more with correctional officers making up rules as they go along and correctional administrators believing they are able to decide when a mentally ill inmate is manipulating a therapist. You would think the therapist would be in the best position to make that call.

That being said, I agree that the inmate and society as a whole would be better served by putting him to death anon.

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Long ago,  me and 50 kids were running like Indians,  around someone's yard.  It's what we did.

One time, Frankie, was running max-bolt,  from or towards whatever thing we were doing...

And put one foot into the basement window-well.  Window-wells are made out of corrugated steel.  This one stuck up, like, 2".

Half of Frankie went down.

The screaming got his Dad pdq.  They went off in the car.

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