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Madge is AWOL


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Mrs. G got an "Army Pete Roomba" a few months ago. We named her Madge because it seemed to fit her personality. She's OK, if a little stoopid, but we let her run around and do what she can. This weekend I noticed Madge was missing from her charging cradle and now she's nowhere to be found. I think Ginger & MaryAnn may have driven Madge into a bad spot/infinite loop and her battery gave out. Now she's under something and doesn't have enough juice to run her "Help beep". 

First world problems... :)

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I'm laughing because BTDT. Ours was a Shark, never buy a Shark, Oh they are pretty good, but if you ever have a problem, expect to put it in the trash. 

We have some kind of Chinese of what ever, and it has been everything and then some the Shark promised, for half the price.

Yep, First World Problems, but I don't have to vacuum any more.

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