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Mrs Glockrunner

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Sometimes just for fun, my wife and I will start a conversation in a resturant about why one of my children doesn't look like me.  It, of course deteriorates quickly, with both of us keeping a normal conversational level to our voices.

I ask her if 'xxxxx' is mine.  She will say no.  I will then ask who is the father, and she will repy that she forgets.  I go on to ask about each of my other children and she will tell me, yes they are, or no they are not without any other explaination.  

We go on, with her telling me how some of them look like me and some look like her.  Then I ask how many of my children are hers, and she will tell me she doesn't think any of them are hers.  Sometimes we agree that none of the children belong to either of us.

This is a nonsense discussion, but you can't believe how many people will start laughing as it goes on.

We both find it fun to make people laugh when they think they are hearing something that they shouldn't.

God help us if some of our children are present, because they will go along with this without batting an eye.  Every one in my family is wierd and that's why I love them so.  Have fun!  It's a good life when you do.

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5 hours ago, Mrs Glockrunner said:

That is too funny!  I, too, like to spice up topics in public, just to see the reactions.  

You got to have fun, life is too short to be too serious all of the time.

I tell my kids, laugh, laugh at everything, after all, you're going to die!  You can't do anything about it, so have fun while you're here.

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