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Ups sucks


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Bought a new gun put a optic on it. Now I need the holster so order one from Safariland I like their level two retention line. Typed in gun with holosun. Get the holster put gun in it very sloppy feel crank the screw all they way down so gun fits snug now you can barely draw and holster gun. Look at package it’s for a 19,17,26 m&p h&l and some others. Contact Safariland they say sure send it back for a refund. Package up holster go to usps they are closed today for some frickin holiday go to ups lady asked what’s in here I say plastic holster she says oh we can’t mail that I asked are you serious she says yeah we don’t mail holsters scopes etc. Now I’m pissed. Go to FedEx guy asks what’s in there I say belt. Told him I tried mailing it at ups they wouldn’t take it. I said they won’t Mail holsters or scopes. He asks boss lady if they mail holsters and scopes she says yes we mail them. FUPS AND JB. 

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3 hours ago, pipedreams said:

Post office closed Columbus Day. 

Interesting, PO closed but got an email a package was delivered.

Guess they still deliver 1st class packages.

My local post office occasionally delivers on Sunday and Holidays if they have a backlog of mail. I talked to my mailman last President's Day and he said they were getting overtime because of the backlog.

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I ordered a Wilson Combat grip module for my Sig P365X last week.  Was supposed to arrive today.  Sometime last Thursday I was notified the shipment was delayed and they would update the status soon.  All weekend long I kept thinking they either lost or refused to delivery the package.  A minor annoyance but it still irritated me, and being the pessimist I am was thinking the worst.

Well they finally updated this morning, rescheduling delivery for tomorrow.

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