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When deers attack! With their, you know, their hoof!


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A while back,  I was getting the mail.  At night.  Our one driveway has thick pines on both sides,  so it's like a dark tunnel.  I'm halfway down, and it's so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.  Walking like I'm on ice.

Then, only several feet in front of me,  I heard a much too loud "SNORT".

I only have 972 flashlights,  but of course I didn't have one with me.

Now I'm sloooowly backing up, in 100% darkness,  fully expecting to to get freight-trained in the chest,  or gored in the face.

It only took me 1 second to grab a flashlight in the back door,  instantly shine it down there,  but it was already gone.

Might've been sasquatch.

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I surprised one feasting on Apple tree shoots in my planter in the front yard.  It was busy eating on a dark night.  I walked out of the garage to the side of the house and triggered the motion floods.  The wild animals are used to motion lights and don't respond anymore.  

But, when I got about 6 feet from the back of the Deer it stood up startled and looked at me.  I wasn't trying to disturb it and said, I'm just getting the garbage can.

The Deer looked at me for a few seconds and bounded a few feet away and continued to watch me.  after I passed it walked across the street and stood on the boulevard watching while I wheeled the garbage can to the curb.  I turned to go into the garage and it walked away.

I have several security cams on a monitor next to my computer and it's not unusual to watch groups of Deer grazing the boulevard walking down the street at night like they own the place.

Behind the houses across the street from me is a small creek that drains swamps and peat bogs a mile or two away and the critters follow the creek to our neighborhood to graze on the ornamental plants.  My neighbors lose their Hosta's all the time to Deer but mine remain.  I guess they like the apple tree shoots Mixed with the Hosta's more.

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