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Boston Herald Editorial


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Subject: Excellent Boston Herald Editorial 
Opinion by Peter Lucas - Wednesday 10/5
Joe Biden could have been a good president. All he had to do was leave things alone. Instead, he blundered into the office and wrecked the country.
He is like the guy on a Boeing 747 high over the Atlantic Ocean who breaks into the cockpit and says, “I can fly this thing.”
“You don’t have to, Joe,” the pilot says, “It’s on autopilot. It flies itself. You know, computers.”
Undeterred, Joe presses buttons and flips switches. The plane goes into a nosedive. Which is where we are today. You don’t put a guy like this in control. He is President Doom. Everything he touches goes bad. And nothing is his fault.
He took an energy-independent country and turned it into a nation begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil. Gasoline prices hit the roof and inflation soared. But it is not his fault.
He forgot how he preened on Day One of his presidency, launching his war on domestic produced energy in favor of his Green Dream of a fossil fuel free world.  Biden, John Kerry, his climate change czar, and the progressives would have you believe that the world will come to an end unless their anti-fossil fuel agenda adopted.
Yes, the world may come to an end. But the chances are the end will come sooner from the unleashing of nuclear weapons then it will come from the use of fossil fuels.  But you do not hear politicians like Biden or Kerry talk much about doing away with nuclear weapons. On the contrary, Biden is reopening nuclear negotiations with Iran which will eventually lead to the Iranians having a nuclear bomb.
This is the country where its religious fanatics have promised to use its first nuclear weapon on Israel and the second on the United States. If I were to bet, I would wager on the world ending in a nuclear bang before closing out in a fossil fuel whimper.
Meanwhile, the rest of the world keeps pumping away, and the American people suffer. But it is not Biden’s fault. It is Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine who is to blame, not Joe Biden.
Joe Biden took a working and strict border policy left to him by Donald Trump and turned it into a humanitarian disaster. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from countries around the world are pouring into the United States and nobody is stopping them. And many of them are dying along the way.
Bidens’s decision to do away with border enforcement has also greatly facilitated the smuggling tons of drugs into the county, including deadly fentanyl from China that is killing many unsuspecting Americans.
But that is not his fault either. It was Trump’s racist border policy that caused all the problems. Besides, he assigned Kamala Harris to get to the root of the problem.
Biden also authored the ill-conceived and humiliating pullout from Afghanistan, causing the unnecessary death of 13 Americans at the chaotic Kabul airport, leaving hundreds of Americans, abandoning thousands of Afghan allies, and throwing he country into the chaotic hands of the Taliban.
Naturally, he blamed Trump, which nobody bought. The next thing you know Joe Biden will be blaming Putin for the Supreme Court’s decision to send the abortion issue back to the states. Putin somehow must have gotten Trump to appoint three conservatives to the court in order to roil the country.
According to Biden, the “one thing” that has destabilized the country under his leadership has not been soaring gasoline prices, inflation, the open border, the shameful retreat in Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, the frightening rising crime rate or the pandemic, but “the outrageous behavior” of the Supreme Court on the abortion issue.
The court did not destabilize the country. Joe Biden did. This man does not belong in the cockpit.
Peter Lucas is a veteran Massachusetts political reporter and columnist.

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Pretty damning for The Boston Herald. The trouble is, too many still think joe is in charge. He can't even read a teleprompter correctly. It should be a crime to parade someone like that the way they do.

Make no mistake, Joe isn't running anything. A true Manchurian. He is the puppet they put in office an no one challenged it. Remember when RBG said she wanted to remain on the court until the next president was "installed"? I have not an inkling of use for her or her radical ideas, but she wasn't one to make that statement by accident, other than the truth slipping out. The ball was already rolling on that one.

We are all at fault. We are all suffering for it, and we aren't even half way through his term. Yep, all this in less than 2 years.

Think about that.

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16 minutes ago, DAKA said:

Midterms       MIDTERMS       MIDTERMS      

GET off your ASS and VOTE   

Both houses will have to make a large enough turnover to make Joe a relative Lame Duck.

It will be a huge victory, but there is no getting rid of him, at least in the rational future. It can be done, and Harris can be done with him, but it would take some political wrangling never seen before in this country.

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Then what ??    Not happening...

1 hour ago, LostinTexas said:

Both houses will have to make a large enough turnover to make Joe a relative Lame Duck.

It will be a huge victory, but there is no getting rid of him, at least in the rational future. It can be done, and Harris can be done with him, but it would take some political wrangling never seen before in this country.

Then What .......   Not happening

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6 minutes ago, Pogey Bait said:

If the R's control the house in 23 we can box him in.  No matter who controls the Senate.

R's won't get anything done, but ole Joe's Presidency will be at a standstill.


Mostly, but without the Senate, and a strong representation, he can EO without compromise. A strong House and Senate can reel some of that in.

A strong showing and he will struggle through as a Lame Duck, and that is about the best we can hope for. Don't plan on anything getting signed, but that seems to be a formality any more. Still have to deal with him though.

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