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Mrs Glockrunner

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1 hour ago, Mrs Glockrunner said:

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People have asked me why I keep kidding and joking with my wife all the time.  They say she is always laughing at me.

I tell them that as long as she keeps laughing, she will never grow old.  It really works. 

One woman came up to talk with her at a restaurant and commented on how happy she seemed to be.  The woman went on to tell her she was 77 years old and life will still be good for my wife.

My wife smiled and told her she was 84!

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Along the same line, article on MSN, Apple has perfected a wrist watch that tells you when your time is up! Wrinkles on the face might be from looking nervously at your watch!

"Apple Watch User Says He Ended Up In Emergency Room After His Gadget Exploded"

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I showed my family doctor a plot of my systolic and diastolic blood pressure taken twice a day for over a year.

He looked at over 2,000 data points and selected one with the comment, "I don't like that one!".  That's when I realized he didn't know how to interpret "data".

I also did some linear and non-linear progression analysis with corresponding curves on the plot.

He asked what that line meant that had a slow negative slope that went off the axis of the graph.  I told him I didn't know but I suspect that if I projected it in time it would cross the X axis at the time of my death.  He didn't even have the curtesy to laugh......  He thought I was serious.  I don't know, but it may be true......

I mentioned the plot to a Heart Surgeon that was trying to determine if I needed a Pacemaker or not.  He said he needed more "data".  I told him  about my data plot and the fact that one reduction of the data showed a distinctive relationship of my blood pressure to the time of year.  It was a sinusoidal response.

He laughed and said, "I did my PhD Thesis on that!  We had a good time discussing things.

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