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Postal Service inspectors tracked gun owners


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"The U.S. Postal Service has been caught spying on conservatives and gun owners through a special program called the Internet Covert Operations Program.

A report at Foreign Desk News explains that postal inspectors instituted the spy program, and it was revealed to senior Cato Institute fellow Patrick Eddington through a federal Freedom of Information Act process.

It confirmed that from September 2020 through April 2021 postal inspectors watched their targets through various social media surveillance procedures."



""The Post Office has no business devoting a cent of taxpayer money to monitoring groups involved in the political process. Those officials who authorized or otherwise participated in this iCOP program who are still on the federal payroll should be fired and the program terminated," Eddington told AmmoLand News during an interview."

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They can't even track the firearms I ship with them. I sent one out a year or so ago. It made it to Anchorage and got lost. After a few weeks my buyer and I were both getting pretty pissed and were hounding the usps about it. Finally some gal contacts me and let me know that she had stashed it behind the door of her office..........and then WENT ON VACATION. When she got back she didn't realize it was behind the door because the door was open while she was in the office and the package was behind that door.

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