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Rob Schneider and the police


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According to the hippie Marxists, if he were African, he'd have been shot twelve times.

Protest riots in Scottsdale.

Biden condemns MAGA extremists.

VP Harris visits with her good friend and faithful US ally Kim Jung Un.

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg blames racist roads, offers all non-white people a free electric car.

Janet Yellen predicts that the death of the African at the hands of racists white supremacist police is transitory.

Two million citizens of 180 other countries walk across the US/Mexico border, tweet their outrage racism in the US on their free, government iPhones, immediately head to Scottsdale to protest, eat free food and get free medical care and housing and an electric car  -- for life.

Meghan Markle complains to Oprah Winfrey that the dumb British people paid more attention to a dead old lady than to her.

The FBI conducted a raid on the Ronald Reagan Library while everyone's attention was focused on Florida.  Four hundred thousand boxes of highly-classified documents were seized -- DOJ impanels grant jury.  Russia collusion suspected.

Man in parka found bound and gagged, cold food in frying pan found on stove, in Alabama motel room.  Huaco Kid suspected.

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18 hours ago, gwalchmai said:

So there you have it - get pulled over, be white, go home. :599c64b15e0f8_thumbsup:


8 hours ago, janice6 said:

Be polite and go home.

It helps that he had broken down and not drawn untoward attention by a moving violation.

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6 hours ago, NPTim said:


It helps that he had broken down and not drawn untoward attention by a moving violation.

Midnight, one Christmas eve I was driving in  my wife's hometown and lookin for an open Drugstore.  There was none, so I pulled off main street and did a doughnut in the side street, and beat ass out of town to try the next town.

My child was very sick and I needed some medication, so I was in a hurry and quite upset.

Before I got out of town I was pulled over by a police car with the siren.  Two officers jumped out and one leveled his gun at my through my back window.  The other came up the driver's side of my car with his gun aimed at me.

I asked them what was going on  the were pretty pissed and wanted to know, "What was that all about "back there?"".  I genuinely didn't know and asked what back there was?

They started to seem confused and asked me why I did a doughnut in the street in front of the police station, then hauled ass out of town?  I explained my problem needing a drug store for a sick child and nothing was open Christmas eve, so I was heading to the next town.

They put their guns away and told me that they thought I was taunting them, and they didn't like the idea.

We agreed that my best bet was the hospital pharmacy and I should go there.  We parted amicably.

My point is that I'm no neophyte at having guns drawn on me by police, however with courtesy and calm explanation things don't have to get out of hand.

I sincerely believe that being polite to an officer of the law will always return kindness for courtesy.  People that complain about law enforcement should try thinking from the officer's point of view sometime.

On the old gun site, a few officers posted that they didn't give out tickets to people that didn't ask for them. 

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5 hours ago, minervadoe said:

Amazing.  Totally down to Earth nice guy.  Wow!  How does someone that talented and famous not end up with a severe case of rectal cranial inversion?

He seems like a really Good dude. 

Maybe he is friends with Keanu...

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