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Another Symptom of Wokey-Pokey.


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Yep, we are letting PC wokeness kill our armed forces in so many ways.  This weakens and endangers America.  And as far as the Left is concerned,  that's a feature,  not a bug.


The Russians and the Chinese are paying close attention. 

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1 hour ago, kerbie18 said:

The word "people" is hurtful towards an individual that identifies as a different species. For example, I am a three toed sloth. If you watch me run, you'd believe me.

Being able to sleep whilst hanging from a tree branch is a quality not to be underestimated.



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16 minutes ago, kerbie18 said:

That is highly offensive. Essentially everything you say is offensive no matter what you say.

Unless you want to give me money for free. I don't find that offensive. Hehe... :)

And then when you give people money for free, they hate you even more, because you had the gall to just give them money.  There is no way to be kind to people that want crap for free.  The money is ok, the people that want crap for free are offensive to me.

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