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I travel I80 a lot, in Pennsylvania.

BWP is a hometown hero bat maker.  I passed it a lot.

You can take a tour.  I stopped there.  I didn't take a tour,  I just looked around.

They have custom blanks for a lot of big leager's,  and put them in the lathe,  and make bats for them.

They were all busy manufacturing.

I wanted to buy a bat.

The guy said, "Sure"  come on downstairs and pick one out.

But right then, I don't know,  ten guys bolted downstairs, in front of me,  and they all grabbed a bat off the shelf.

Someone had seen a big snake,  in the shop,  under a drum.

If you're a snake,  you don't want to be caught in a bat factory.

So, it wasn't pretty.

But the bat I got is VERY pretty.  It's, like, triple- lacquered, and signed by somebody.

Good enough for hittiing hotel doors.

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I didn't ever practice,  but you can't hit the hotel-door opening,  like a baseball player,  with a two-handed swing.  That's clumsy.  And just makes you like an old man.

But if you do it one-handed, like nunchuks,  which i have been wont to do,  for a lot,  with a triple-spin first...

then the guy doesn't come in your room.

And then you go "wow" ,  pretty fucked up that door.

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One time, some guy pounded on my door, HARD.
I yelled, What?
.....With my BWP, slow-spinning one-handedly.
I told him he had the wrong room.
Then he started to throw his shoulder into it, while cussing big.
I smacked the door, sweetly.
He cussed more, and went away.
He was scared of the triple-lacquer.
It's just a big shiny skull fracture coming.
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