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What do you use to lubricate hinges?


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OK, it's Autumn. Seems about this time every year I notice a door hinge squeaking and go around and oil the worst ones. Currently our bedroom door has a squeak for about the first 10 - 15 degrees before it closes. Mary Ann the Cat has learned that at 2AM she can gently open and close this door and I'll eventually get up, grumble, and latch the door. At this point Mary Ann giggles archly, elbows her two sisters, and they all have a good snicker at my expense. 

Any suggestions for a long-lasting lubricant that will stay put and stop the squeaks? Mobile1 synthetic is my goto lube but I'm bendy...

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6 hours ago, Huaco Kid said:

Cats will easily float in the thicker oil.

WD40 can be purchased by the gallon, and a five gallon bucket-full will hold several of them.

WD40 works as good as anything else, and of a drop of it lands on the carpet, it won't cause as much of a stain as a heavier lubricant.

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