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Shipmates - A Dying Breed


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"What is a shipmate?  It is not some random term.  It is a term that has a very special meaning.  It derives from the immutable truths of the Navy and those “who go down to sea in ships.”  Ships and the sea are inherently dangerous things.  Those are timeless truths even before you add the extreme dangers created by having enemies.  When you go to sea on a ship, you and all the others literally are all in the same boat.  What happens to one, happens to all.  At sea, everyone is aware of the sea state.  No one has to tell you what it is.  The ship is a living, breathing organism and you feel the ship under you and you know what it is doing.  When at sea you have to fight the ship for stability at virtually every moment.  It is always dangerous… unseen hazards, converging ships, adverse weather, navigation challenges, mechanical breakdowns, fleet operations.  Every minute, every day, something could happen that will challenge the ship and the crews’ safety and even life.  To safely and effectively operate a ship takes a unified crew of shipmates, shipmates whose focus is on the ship and what we are doing to carry out our mission."


THIS IS WHY PC POLICIES ARE WRONG AND DANGEROUS.  The Navy is "Diversifying" itself into terrifying and fatal incompetence.

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