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Buying guns?


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Just use your credit card to buy prepaid cards or store gift cards. Our local grocery stores all sell them. They should all show up as retail sales to the credit card company plus you may be able to get reward points for gas. 

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Ammo is the real issue, as the feds already know when guns are purchased through licensed dealers. And probably are maintaining a register of gun purchases in violation of federal law.

Ammo and possibly its components purchased with plastic will be new data points, possibly creating awareness of a new caliber for a gun legally purchased face to face using cash. 

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1 hour ago, deputy tom said:

Cash is king. tom.

This is true and why they would like to get rid of it.

The prepaid credit cards also rank right up there but one needs to get a good understanding of them before using.



Not everyone in banking and finance agrees with the creation of a specific Merchant Category Code for gun sales.

Visa and Master Card have opposed the move - for several years. On Friday, a senior Visa official, Robert B. Thomson III, sent Senator Warren and other lawmakers a letter opposing the move.

“We believe asking payment networks to serve as a moral authority by deciding which legal goods can or can not be purchased sets a dangerous precedent,” Thomson wrote, in addition to pointing out that Visa is not a member of ISO, and “does not have authority over ISO’s standards and processes.”

A Mastercard spokesman told the New York Times that company believed reducing gun violence should be “job of Congress.” He also noted the company would now turn its focus to how sellers and banks would put the new code into effect.


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