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3 hours ago, gwalchmai said:

I need engine air filters for three vehicles. The Walmart only has Fram and Zeek's.  I try to avoid Fram because of religious reasons, and Zeke's looked cheaper than Fram.

What brand will you fight for? 

Please explain religious issues with Fram. tom.

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1 hour ago, ChuteTheMall said:

Most of these various brands are made in the same factories before being put in different colored boxes.

The ones I know about.

WIX, MANN, Purolator, Fram, K&N are house brands. They make for others, but you'll have to do your own research.

Mobile One, Bosch, and the old Walmart filters are/were made by Champion Labs, and score high on the sniff scale.

They make it tough to find who makes what, so for the large part. Stick to the above manufacturers, well, I'm not a fan of Fram either, but at least you know what category you are getting. WIX, Purolator, and MANN may not rank "best" in any category, but are very solid choices and you can sleep good with all of them in the engine compartment.

Best usually the opinion of who is paying whom the most at any given moment.

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It's like my first job out of the Navy.  I worked at Franklin Manufacturing in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  We made refrigerators for everyone.  All the same refrigerator just like today's models.  At the end of the line, people just slapped name tags on them from everyone.  I can't remember all of them but they did include, Sear, Montgomery Wards, Frigidaire, Gambles, every name in the business. 

We had one line that was the exception: We made gas refrigerators for the Gas company. They were of such high quality compared to all the others, that they required a completely separate line to make them.  They were far more efficient and had much more insulation along with a much more sturdy construction.

At one time we had a trainload of rejected refrigerators come back from Montgomery Wards - 10,000 refrigerators in one shipment.  We made tons of them all on the same line.  Just look at the doors and hinge assemblies, the box and the mechanicals are all the same.  Some plastic inside may be different but not too different.

Someone tools up a factory to make something and they sell it to whoever wants to market it with their brand name.

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