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Science Fiction Memory Challenge


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I recall - dimly - a science fiction story about an economy which abruptly went from free or inexpensive recreational drugs which were available almost every where as coffee is today to totally restricted.

At least partly the story follows several people as they adjust to drug free life. Might have been a short story but I think it was a book.

If someone knows title and author please share. Thanks 

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Nope, sorry.

I remember one in which a future demi-god sends his agents back in time to teach his infant self advanced Brainiac stuff. They get his name wrong, confusing Calderon with Potts. As expected, the enfant terrible destroys himself. Can't recall the name or author. :(

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I remember a short story where a being was being unmercifully hunted throughout the Universe.  It was barely able to stay ahead of it's human pursuers.  the story was written from the beings point of view.

The being didn't know why humans were hunting it,  It didn't do anything wrong, and why they were so obsessive about capturing it.  It ran from world to world hiding in the most terrible locations trying to shake off it's pursuers. 

The humans were getting closer and closer all the time and the being was terrified as to it's fate, if captured.  finally on the last world it found to hide, the humans found it and captured it.

The being pleaded with the humans and said,. "Please tell my why you so viciously hunt me.  I have done no harm to you.  I am God!  The humans explained that, "We are man!".

I found this to be a very profound story but forget the name of it.  I read it about 70 years ago.................

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