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Get in on the ground floor on Delorean's next train wreck!


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There are  number of reasons the original car failed but the main reason was the it's performance did not match it's looks. It was originally supposed to be  mid-engine car and it would have been better if it had been and with a high performance engine. This new car has better performance but it's butt-ugly and all the clever gimmicks in the world don't make up for how ugly it is.

What they should have done was made the original car all over again and retained it's classic looks an stainless steel body and make it electric but with it's own on-board fuel-efficient generator. In other words, a hybrid.


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Maybe this new one will actually be as fast as it looks.  The original looked like it could haul serious ass, but in reality it only had a top speed of like 80mph.  How it managed to make it to 88mph to kick start the flux capacitor is anyone's guess. 

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