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My Dusty went over the Rainbow Bridge last night

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1 hour ago, GT4494 said:

I understand and feel for you.   We lost our Dachshund a couple of years ago and I still miss her laying in bed next to me.  

After we had to put our Silkie Terrier Mr Barkley to sleep, he developed cancer in his lungs, we said "That;s it, no more dogs, too much heartbreak"....needless to say 4 month later

we now have 2 Biewers   

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The really sad part about this is that I'm not even home and haven't been for the past 4 months. Been helping family after my brother passed away. I was gone last year for 6 months for the same reason. My grandson was with Dusty as she passed. I wish I had been there to hold her. Such a loyal companion.

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I don't know what is wrong with me, but.  I bond so strongly with my dogs.  I talk with them and treat them almost as my children.  We have had four dogs now over our marriage.

I dearly loved each one.  The each had unique personalities but three of the four would let me hold them and cuddle with them in the middle of the night.  I would talk with them after everyone else went to bed.  We would sit in the dark living room while I held them in my arms.  I told them things I could never tell another living thing and yet they never judged nor repeated what I said to anyone else.

Each of my dogs were small breed and live almost 20 years.  My dogs stayed with me longer than my children.  I loved my children but raised them to be independent.  The vet used to say that "the dog has a mind of his own".  I would tell him I raised my dogs the same way as I raised my children.  I wanted them to be with me by choice, not by obligation.

Every dog of mine that has passed was going to be the last one.  I just didn't believe I could take the heartbreak each time.  Yet, I always went back and got another.  They are the most wonderful psychological treatment known to man.  The just listen and lick you if your feeling down.  I can't think of another thing that makes my life better than my wife,  my children, and my dogs.

My heart goes out to you in your loss.  Nothing anyone can say makes it any easier, but it shouldn't be easy if you were able to appreciate a gift from God for you betterment and well being.  My dogs showed me what a good person should live like.  I was never as good as they were, but I did try.  They are a wonderful example for us.

I was apprehensive when I got my present dog.  She's a female, my first. And when she came to us she was 14 years old already.  I worried that I just bought into another heartbreak.  However, when she came home with us she turned out to be remarkable.  She was used to being alone during the day and learned to play fetch with herself.

She would throw a stuffed toy into the air with her mouth and then bat it with her paw.  Then she would chase it down and do it all over again.  She easily figures out things that would stump my other dogs, and she is aloof.  Almost to the point that I wondered if she would ever accept us.

She took over the care and protection of my wife and obeys me well.

Recently, I got quite sick and have been housebound.  I have been feeling exhausted and in pain all the time and spent quite a time in bed as a result.  Every time I get up, I see her in her bed in the bedroom with me.  My wife says she will follow me around the house and keeps a close watch on me.  She never seems to be out of my sight.  It's comforting to know that an animal cares for you and knows when you  aren't feeling well.

She seems to have the appearance of a puppy and has now taken over control of the yard.  I'm trying to get her to forget that someone kept her for 14 years and just threw her out.  I could never to that to a pack oriented animal.

If you love dogs, this will pass and you will began to need another.  Don't deprive a wonderful animal of your care and love just because it will sometime pass.  We all pass in time and nothing will ever change that.  I still remember.  It mitigates with time.  The good memories outweigh the bad.

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