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From the what is wrong with people file. Overbearing Parents.


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An acquaintance is seeing the results of his overbearing, paranoid, manipulative, controlling, narcissistic ex-wife on his daughter.

They divorced about 8 years ago. She left with the girl because he wouldn’t obey her every command. No matter how insane or physically impossible. He barely ever saw his daughter even though he he was supposed to get a lot of time with her. She manipulated the court to keep him out of her life.

She is now 20 and reached out to him a few months ago. She has no advanced coping skills because her mom dictated everything she did and how she did it. EVERYTHING. To her EXACTING standards. She has cut ties with mom and is in counseling but really struggling.

Tonight she called him wanting to know how to make Tacos. She can’t find a recipe that spells out EXACTLY what goes in it and EXACTLY how much. Like an exact recipe for the taco meat. Then 1 Ortega Brand shell. 1 1/2 ounces of taco meat. 1/2 ounce iceberg lettuce. 7/8 ounce shredded Mexican Blend Cheese. Etc.

Who does that to a kid?

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When my son was in first grade, he had a friend whose mom found out I owned a gun.  She basically forced her son to stop being friends with my son because of that.  I explained to my son that the woman had problems.  Meanwhile, after a couple of years, the kid tried to get my son's friends to unfriend him, but it backfired and he lost all of those friends too.  When my son was in high school, that mom struck up a conversation with my wife (on a back to school night).  She explained how her little darling had a really tough time during his freshman year.  It seemed like she was trying to salvage the relationship, but that ship had sailed.  My wife explained afterwards that the disheveled, long haired, depressed looking kid sitting across the aisle from the woman was her son.

What a waste of what seemed like a pretty decent kid in first grade.  But, who knows, the kid'll probably get some advanced degree in social justice tinkering and end up in academics. 

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