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Somebody SWATTed my rep!


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"swatted" early Wednesday morning, and it could have cost her her life.

"Just after 1 a.m. I was I was awakened by knocks on my door and hearing people right outside my bedroom windows and saw flashlights," Greene described the situation. "I jumped up, got dressed and picked up my gun to carry with me to the door as I normally do, especially in the middle of the night, when I'm not expecting company. But I had a gut feeling, don't carry your gun."

The practice of swatting is typically calling a police department to the home of somebody whom the caller doesn't like to report a violent crime in progress. It could send officers to the location, prepared to draw their guns, which would increase the likelihood of the person in the house getting harmed.

"Someone called 911 and said that someone had been shot five times in the chest in a bathtub in my house, and that there were children in the home," Greene said on Just the News, Not Noise. "They (the police) were responding to what would normally be — if it were real, a very serious situation where more people could have been killed, or perhaps a suicide."

Greene later went on to say that this "swat" could have caused her to be killed by the police. 

"I'm so proud of my local law enforcement," Greene expressed. "They came to my house very quickly. They were prepared tactically to handle such a terrible situation. But then we quickly realized what it was and it was an awful prank on both of us. Not only me, that could have caused me to be killed by the police."

--More at linque--

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Last time I called 911, they wanted my name, phone number (and it had to be the one I was calling from, and they knew) my address, and my relationship to the problem. I was on the side of the road and calling in a wreck. That was about 20 years ago, so things change.

Then I had to unblock my cell phone because calling 911 will disable everything but their return call, or you calling them until you do., Just a step or two and the call taker walked me through. I didn't know they did that, and don't know if they still do.

I guess everyone doesn't do that, and the Red Flag stuff, that will never be abused :anim_lol:, grant you the freedom of doing such things without reprisal.

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3 hours ago, gwalchmai said:

Whoever's doing it is probably getting DoD burner phones that can't be tracked. They'll find some schmuck in Lindale to blame it on. 

Now you know where all of the phones given to the illegal invaders ( are there legal invaders? ) go after the indigent migrants, many of them fat, all of them with modern technology already, toss the largess into the nearest trash can.

Tracking criminals would be mean and racist, not to mention homophobic, so the free illegal migrant phones block the location in case one of the invading swarm actually keeps the phone.

Perfect to use to SWAT Republicans.


NB 20,000 illegal invaders crossing the Rio Grande today demanded to be put on buses by Governor Abbott and dropped off in New York City.  They fear that the $450 per night hotel rooms are about to run out and they may have to settle for a $400 per night hotel room.

In response, Beto O'Rourke, opposing the incumbent for the governor's office,  promises %600 per night hotel rooms in New York City if those here illegally promise to vote for him in November.

Which would be illegal.

People in New York can't vote in Texas elections.




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