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Question for Electricians


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10 hours ago, DAKA said:

We have low voltage outside lighting around the house, they are controlled by a GFI in the garage...the GFI constantly trips after rain or sprinklers...is it really necessary to have a GFI for this?

YES!!!! Well if you don't want your house to burn.

GFI seems to be doing it's job. Look for the real problem. People gripe that a functioning device doing it's job irritates them but blame the device and not the problem it is preventing. Call someone that knows  what they are doing to troubleshoot it. Could be something as simple as the ground wire not tight.

I had some contractors short one, replaced it, and were later invited to not return.

I went to charge a battery while finishing the job I paid them to do, and the replaced plug didn't work. It wouldn't reset either. Breaker was thrown, not turned off. I thought that odd and dug deeper. The morons wired hot and common to the same poll. It isn't like the instructions aren't on the back of the plug. It LITERALLY says White wire here-Black/Hot wire here.

New GFI, and all is well. The one they tried to replace did it's job and wouldn't respond. It didn't take a lot to figure out why. Jackwagons.

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