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Right seater rips off Casa 212 main, then meat bombs

Al Czervik

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From what I gleaned, they were pooping jumpers, with the right seater driving the bus.  The right main departed the aircraft during a hard landing. The fella driving then meat bombed out the gate.  I've been in the front and back of 212s.  They are a robust aircraft.  Tough to rip the mains off the bird.  Weird all the way around.

The meat bomber landed very close to my wife's cousin's house.  :(

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That's sad.

First report of it I read speculated that he fell trying to check the condition of the plane, but that was before anyone talked to the pilot. Once I saw a picture of the plane the idea of it being an accident did not make sense to me. I also read an update that said they had plenty of fuel and were in contact with the tower to have the damage checked and reported. 

Thanks for posting the updated information.

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