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Myanmar tragedy exposes the dirty underbelly of 'green energy'


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Myanmar's beautiful ecosystem has been devastated by green energy industry

"The birds no longer sing, and the herbs no longer grow. The fish no longer swim in rivers that have turned a murky brown. The animals do not roam, and the cows are sometimes found dead.

The people in this northern Myanmar forest have lost a way of life that goes back generations. But if they complain, they, too, face the threat of death.

This forest is the source of several key metallic elements known as rare earths, often called the vitamins of the modern world. Rare earths now reach into the lives of almost everyone on the planet, turning up in everything from hard drives and cellphones to elevators and trains. They are especially vital to the fast-growing field of green energy, feeding wind turbines and electric car engines. And they end up in the supply chains of some of the most prominent companies in the world, including General Motors, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Tesla and Apple."


""They are mining rare earth everywhere and we are no longer safe to drink water," she said. "There is nothing to support the children. Nothing to eat."

Other countries with rare earths deposits are reluctant to mine them. Greenland’s parliament last year voted to halt a rare earth mining project, and efforts to develop a promising deposit in Sweden stalled because of local objections."


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Funny fact..  The US has the most Rare Earth mineral deposits in the world but the greenies won't let us mine them.

Just one of many sources. 


NIMBY = Not in My Back Yard!!!  why mess up our deserts where humans do not live , when we can screw up other countries eco systems...  They are all connected though!

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