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I got $10 says that Biden won't run


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I keep seeing talking heads discussing whether this scandal or that scandal might prevent Brandon from running to Dip In Charge in 2024. 

Folks, there's no way. The Dims just have to figure a way to remove Roundheels from the WH so they don't have to run her. She better be looking over her shoulder, cause it's Hillary's turn at last. :(

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1 hour ago, Mrs.Cicero said:

I will not take that bet.  But it might be time for a bingo card on all the looney reasons the democraps will come up with to explain why they aren't running the demented one.

I'm thinking it'll be a heroic death which will trigger much preventative measures to keep us safe. Maybe rename Connecticut to BidenBurg in honor of his Great Patriotism and Sacrifice.

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3 hours ago, Hook said:

I see they dragged his senile old ass to Kentucky to visit flood victims and of course he’s hugging girls getting a little sniff of one’s hair. No mask on coughing his empty head off. FJB

He never wears the mask in public because the mask is who he really is, Barack Obama serving his third term.


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