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Controversial Drug Remdesivir Plays Key Role in COVID-Related Hospital Deaths: Dr. Ardis


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What we are witnessing is government approved murder of innocent civilians!


"The antiviral medication remdesivir has played a controversial role in the COVID-19 treatment protocols used by hospitals that many families allege resulted in the death of their loved ones.

Among the drug’s potential side effects is acute kidney failure, which many physicians argue is the source of the same symptom reported by the medical establishment to have been caused by COVID-19.

Dr. Bryan Ardis, CEO of Ardis Labs and host of The Dr. Ardis Show, said he watched his own father-in-law die in a hospital in February 2020 after being taken through the same hard-wired, standard-of-care protocols he would eventually witness playing out in the lives of others.

“It was the most traumatic thing I’d ever experienced in my whole life,” Ardis told The Epoch Times.

Among the multiple problems with his treatment, Ardis said, his father-in-law had been erroneously diagnosed with having the flu and given an antibiotic called vancomycin, which, like remdesivir, is known to cause acute kidney failure."


"In the study found in the New England Journal of Medicine, a safety board found remdesivir to be “the least effective and the deadliest drug in this trial,” before it was suspended, Ardis explained.

“Fifty-three percent of people they gave that drug to died,” Ardis said."

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Few people are aware of the huge sums hospitals were paid to follow these idiotic and lethal “protocols.”

One neurosurgeon says it was $39,000 per patient! If you ignored the protocols, you didn’t get paid! Now you know why hospitals were maintaining that vehicle fatalities died from Covid-19. The feds bribed the nation’s hospitals with taxpayer funds to make a melodrama out of Covid-19! Fauci is a quack, and he is a willing participant in the entire scam.

Read all about it:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9062939/

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Yeah, that's what the doc tried to push at me when I got the 'rona last month while on vacation.  I very politely said, "This was a head cold last time.  It's likely to be a head cold again.  I'll just feel like crap for another day or two and be fine, statistically."  She admitted that was true.  And I was right.  I felt fine 3 days later except the stupid stuffed up head for a week.  So I went for a 5 mile hike that morning at 4-5000 feet (I live under 1000 above sea level), in 80-90F temps, and... then went fly fishing all afternoon.  And then... I gave it to my husband, who reacted in the stereotypical male-with-a-cold fashion... as if taking his darn temperature every two hours was going to cure him or something.  Yes, dear, you are running a fever.  it's a slight fever, barely 100F. Just take the NyQuil and lay back down in the tent and sleep it off.  Oh, yeah, and that meant I was the one up at 2AM with the gun trying to figure out what had just tripped over the tent lines (twice) and jarred me awake.  Stupid mule deer.  

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