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Biden and Pelosi Give Wrong ‘Facts’ About ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban


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"President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats are trying to reinstate the federal assault weapon ban that was in effect for 10 years because—they claim—it reduced gun crime. The bill, which just passed the House, will soon get a vote in the Senate.

In the effort to get it passed, Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made some grand claims, which they called “facts,” about the previous ban on rifles leading to decreasing crime. But those facts don’t appear to be backed up by evidence."


"While Pelosi makes it sound like there’s a grave risk of being killed by a rifle, it’s actually a rare crime. Lott has reported that the percentage of firearm murders with any type of rifles was 4.8 percent prior to the ban starting in September 1994. During the 10-year ban, homicide by rifle was 4.9 percent of all murders. Then rifle homicides dropped to 3.6 percent after the ban expired in 2004."

Paul Mayhue1 min ago

I choked when I saw the words “grenade launcher” as an attachment to an “assault weapon.”
I wonder if even one person helping to author this bill looked into what it would take to purchase a grenade launcher legally.
You have to be in a state that permits ownership, submit a form 4 with the $200 transfer tax, get fingerprinted and photographed, then wait months while several checks are done on you.
Then comes the real hilarious part…..
To actually make the launcher lethal, you would have to do the exact same thing for EVERY SINGLE round you want to purchase.
So, $400 plus the cost of the launcher and one grenade, months of waiting and background checks (might even be a year or more as they would have to process a separate Form 4 for the grenade on top of the one for the launcher) to make your rifle a supposed “one hit wonder assault weapon.”


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