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I'm From .gov & I'm Here To Help


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“I’m from the FAA and I’m here to help”
This was not mine, but it happened at the local airport. A guy that kept this ultralight there had a little incident a couple of weeks ago. Wasn’t much, it was nosed over out in the grass about 200’ off the runway. More then likely, there wasn’t much wrong with it, but it did have a fuel leak from the ordeal. Well, the local air Evac guys saw it happen and called 911, so the cops showed up. The guy wasn’t hurt, but being an older guy, he drove himself to the dr to get checked out. Meanwhile, the cops call the FAA for this ultralight non-issue that was out there in the grass. Two guys from the fsdo showed up and were doing their thing. They called the ntsb to come out at some point and dig around, but the FAA guys decided that it wasn’t safe to be around the site with the ballistic chute not being deployed. They thought it might go off on its own or something, so they insisted that someone launch it. One guy goes up to it and pulls the handle, setting off the rocket that takes the chute out, and in turn sets the gas on fire that leaked out. A 20lb fire extinguisher was depleted on it without putting the fire out, but a couple of fire trucks later, it was put out.
And the pic is what remains after the government showed up to help.
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