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Tiny Taiwan is state of the art


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This is a gamble China can't afford to lose. I really hope it's all bluster and saber rattling cause we can't afford to lose either.

That tiny little island will pay the highest price, they have known it was coming for decades now. We have not been the greatest friend to them, a lot of hardware they wanted over the years that we wouldn't sell them.

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I didn't know about China's severe economic crisis until the last few days. Banks are denying depositors access to their money. There are protests in the streets. That's always a recipe for a corrupt, frightened regime to start a war to divert the attention of their people.

Pelosi visiting Taiwan is a bizarre move. A real slap in the face to China, but weird timing. I like the message though.

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3 hours ago, ChuteTheMall said:


Both Koreas, part of Japan and China, most of Indochina including Vietnam, and the Phillipines are within range.

I would not be surprised to learn that they have some nucs to bolt onto those.

For that matter I suspect at least Japan and South Korea also have equivalent missiles and some nucs

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