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Who shoots PRS?

MO Fugga

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In case you don't know.....I didn't

Precision Rifle Series

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Precision Rifle Series
Logo of the Precision Rifle Series.jpg
Abbreviation PRS
Type Shooting sport organization
Headquarters United States
Shannon Kay
Subsidiaries PRS Australia, France, Norway, Spain, UK, US
Website precisionrifleseries.com

Precision Rifle Series (PRS) is a long-range and precision rifle-based shooting sport derived from practical shooting. The series have a championship style where competitors collect points from 45 matches spread across nearly twenty U.S. states, and thereby are ranked across the nation.[1] Top ranked competitors get to compete in the last match of the season which is the "Precision Rifle Finale". The number of active competitors has increased from 164 in 2012 to over 15,000 by 2020.[2]

The competition seeks to find a balance between speed and precision, and targets can both have known (KD) and unknown distances (UKD). Shooting distances can vary from between 10 and 1,200 meters/ yards,[3] and thus the competitor needs to have good knowledge of their firearms ballistics. The primary focus is on long range shooting, and a competition usually consists of several courses of fire. Each course usually has a set maximum time (par time), and the shooter is awarded points according to how many targets they manage to hit during that time. Targets presented are usually relatively small and made of steel. In the PRS-series for instance, usually between 0.3-0.9 MIL (3-9 cm at 100 m, approximately 1-3 MOA).[3]

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17 hours ago, Wyzz Kydd said:

Never heard of it until now. I guess I could dust off the Model 70 and compete. Sounds kind of slow though. Like Butch Cassidy I shoot better when I can move.

I've seen your SASS videos. You're a bad bad man.... :shooting-two-guns:

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