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Is It Still An Elevator


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When you are going down?

You can lie down and stand up. You can also stand down. Why can't you lie up? I guess you could lay up, but that wouldn't be proper, at present. On the other hand, if I lie down, I lay down. How long would I have lain there, you ask? Who knows. If someone lays someone down, they will have been laid down and they could have laid there for hours. Then of course you can lie down and still get laid.

Words are fun.

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5 minutes ago, Maser said:

Oh yeah, it's not an elevator, it's a lift.  :D

Even when it's not lifting? Is it still a 'stand of trees' if someone knocks them all down? Is it still a tree stand when it is laying flat? If it fell over on its own, is it lying there or laying there? Why is it a murder of crows, when they are minding their own business? Seems like profiling.

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1 hour ago, Walt Longmire said:

Never thought of that, but I have beat the crap out of a lot of dudes in that ring.

Been in the ring too. It’s called a ring because after the lights go out all you know is the ringing in your ears. Got in the ring with my Golden Gloves roommate. I never saw the gloves coming. And I’ve been in several street and bar fights. The ring is a whole different world. 

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