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Bad news for chicken lover


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Who the heck kisses live chickens?  I HAVE chickens.  Yes, it's amusing to carry one around on my fist like it thinks it's a falcon when I need to get it from whatever dumb place it has perched to its REAL roost for the night in its coop.  But I don't play with my food and I certainly don't kiss it while it's alive.  

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My father had a Chicken ranch in the old days.  We had 5,000 Chickens.  I was conscripted to take a bolt action .22, while he had another .22, and we went from coop to coop killing Rats. 

The gunshots would raise up all the dirt and feces in the coop into the air and along with the sickly sweet taste of burned gunpowder in the air made for a taste in the back of your throat that was indescribable.  Horrible.  I'm reminded of this taste each time I am at an indoor gun range where the ventilation is only passable.

We did this periodically.  I used a .22 rifle before I started school.  I got to hate Chickens, they were so dirty. I got to where I couldn't make myself eat Chicken for almost 50 years, they were so disgusting to me.

Later in life, I remember chasing Chickens down the alley without their heads.  My father put 40 chickens into the Freezer each Fall.  My mother would singe the pinfeathers off over the gas stove.  The smell was atrocious.   Many experiences like this over my younger years made me avoid Chicken as the plague.

I don't have a place in my heart for Chickens anymore.  Little sympathy or empathy for their fate.  I'm sure they feel the same about me.

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