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So. I went to Alaska (a long time ago)

Huaco Kid

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It's a drunken IC Light story.

I was at a hotel right up from the airport.

There was a restaurant/bar,  a block up.  I walked through waist-deep snow to get there.

Sitting at the bar,  I saw a bunch of locals at the back table.  Being buzzed,  I get chatty,  and it's what I do,  I went back and introduced myself,  and they offered me a seat.

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Then.  We didn't know.

The owner went on a loud rant and started stapling signs all over...


Seems that some employee had flicked a butt and set the neighbor's fence on fire.

So the waitress and the owner had a huge shouting match.  He left, all righteous and huffy.

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I don't remember much.

Walking back to the hotel,  through my own tracks,  I crossed a 2' pile of steaming poo.

I knew there was  moose around,  and I wanted to see him.

But my brain was enough to know to not be there.  So I never saw him.

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I was at my daughter's village for a week.  The morning air-plane guy kept saying that he saw polar bears at the dump.

My daughter and S-I-L were working all day.  And I wanted to see bears.

The island (sandbar) is two miles wide,  and four miles long.  The dump is down, that way.

I trotted off.

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So you needed water,  for the house,  in the 300-gal tank in the cunny-tuck.

(It's a mud-room, in front of everyone's house,  that is always left unlocked,  so when the bears come,  you can always run in there.)

So you had to get the sled from the school, with a tank on it,  and drive to the gas station.  They don't have gas.  It's the exact same pump,  but water comes out.

So you have to pump 300gal of water into the sled,  drive back,  leave the cunny door open,  while you pump it into your house.

But it was -30°.

I put my money into the pump,  but it was frozen solid!  Stole all my money.  They thought it was hilarious.

Someone probably got my water, later.

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