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So. I was $120 into it.

Huaco Kid

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I don't think I really have any ITAR stuff on my work laptop,  but it's ITAR classified.

It's a really big deal.

It's a fire-able offense now, to have your laptop stolen.

We have a big division in California,  and their laptops get stolen out of their cars all the time.

I raised a ruckus.


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I don't know what they did,  facial-recognized him,  or looked at the seating chart,  but they called his phone.

He brought it back, an hour later,  and apologized (right?)

And then he was mad at me,  because he wanted to know where HIS bag was.

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So there were two bags, almost identical, with bright yellow Xs painted all over them. And the bags were next to one another in the overhead bin. And this guy took yours. And his was mysteriously gone from the bin thus you couldn’t take it. And videos did not reveal a second bag with yellow Xs rolling through the airport. 

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