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Can our current elected political system, possibly, in any way, get more fkd up than it already is?

Huaco Kid

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2 hours ago, minervadoe said:

Retake the house.  Alter the voting mechanism to make cheating impossible.  That is imperative. 

Retaking the house only works if we have Conservatives and not more RINO’s.  Plus they should work together instead of playing nice with libtard dumbocrat communists.  But I digress…..

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5 hours ago, Walt Longmire said:

Is the question for real?

I just got burned-up by the headlines of ol' Uncle Joe demanding that the oil companies produce more,  with less profit.

And is ready to use "Administrative Authority" to make that happen.

Isn't that a page taken directly from Venezuela's playbook?

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The third party hoax could always return to divide the anti-democrats.

They usually pretend the two parties are different sides of the same coin or some such juvenile crap.

All governments are evil, but there is always a less evil choice. Choose it, not some loser third party game.

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On 6/16/2022 at 4:51 AM, DAKA said:

It can always get worse....BUT, can it be fixed?


it can be Fixed Nothing is so Broken we can`t get it back to the Foundations.

it just takes someone who is willing to Flip the Switch and Americans who are willing to keep those People in Office.

This Country has been through way, way Worse and found its way back to Greatness.

we will do it again.

Trump 2024 UltraMaga!

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