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This thread must have some ethereal connection to my wife and I today.

We spent almost the whole day in bed together reminiscing about how we met and found each other.  It's been so many, many years together and I wouldn't trade them for anything.  It's 4PM and we reluctantly dragged ourselves out of bed to finish the day.

Reliving your past life can be so rewarding and fulfilling if you just ignore the rough spots and dwell on the good times.  

I love music and what I hear here, (no offense) is a trigger reminding me just how wonderful our life together has been.  Sorry for the melodrama, but! Being able to have someone you loved from when you met at 16 years old, until the end of your life is to me the greatest blessing I have had.  These songs are the icing on the cake.

Thanks for the memories, guys.

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12 minutes ago, janice6 said:

I had forgotten about this one --  Thank you.

Remember that back in the day, it was hard to tell the difference between Peter and Gordon and Chad and Jeremy.



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