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WashPost Racializes Tulsa Shooting Despite Shooter, Victim, Being Same Race


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"The Tulsa shooting involved a medical patient upset with his orthopedic surgeon who came in and shot his doctor, another doctor, the receptionist, and a patient.

The Washington Post, clearly eager to shoehorn this tragedy into its agenda of racializing every topic possible as well as pushing a gun control agenda in lieu of reporting, didn’t miss the opportunity to do so in their story about the Tulsa shooting even though it’s clearly not relevant."



The Shooter: Michael Louis

Police Identify Tulsa Hospital Shooting Suspect, Reveal Likely Motive

The Intended Victim: Dr. Preston Phillips

Doctor killed in Oklahoma hospital shooting was trained at Harvard

The Shooting Victims: Dr. Preston Phillips, Amanda Glenn, Dr. Stephanie Husen, William Love

tulsa mass shooting victims

The Washington Post is not reporting the news, they’re advocating a series of competing ideological positions through advocacy masquerading as journalism.

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Disarming the law abiding is a standard technique for establishing/enhancing tyranny.

Hitler vs Jews and others - 12 million or so murdered.

Lenin and Stalin…



Probably between 100 and 200 million in the 20th century.

Governments give lip service to disarming criminals, but they don’t really care. Only armed law abiding represent a threat to government. 

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