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California declares bees are now fish.


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Anyway, like I was sayin', bees is the fruit of the land.  You can bar-b-q it, broil it, boil it, saute it, bake it. Dey's bee kebobs, bee creole, bee gumbo. Pen fried, deep-fried, stir-fried. Bees and grits, bee sammitches, bee stew, pineapple bees, lemon bees, coconut bees, chocolate bees, bees omelets. That's - that's about it.

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The explanation I heard is it's usually better to shoehorn something like this into wherever they can fit it into an existing law, rather than try to change the law to include it as it's own category then have to fight everyone else that's trying to get their own modifications to the law.



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17 hours ago, Batesmotel said:

They declared that bees are now fish instead of changing the law protecting endangered fish and game. I get the intent but come on. 


In California, bee's can be fishes, fishes can be birds, boys can be girls, girls can be boys, foreign nationals can be citizens, and along with dead people and felons they can vote for the people who make the laws that say all this is so.

It's never-neverland and What-the-fk-everland all rolled into one.:|

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