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Last Howard Johnson's

Huaco Kid

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I was sitting in that parking lot several years ago (staying in the hotel behind it) (I was there for work) during "bike week".  I was just hanging out and watching the drunks crash on the main drag.

A guy in the parking lot had a custom-made "Bubble Bike".  A plexiglass egg built around the bike,  with little holes he could stick his feet out, for stops.  He was marveling at the attention and compliments and posing for pictures.

Then he climbed in it,  snapped the canopy shut,  started it,  lost his balance,  and barrel-rolled across the parking lot and across main street. (he didn't even get a scratch)

Some people were aghast at the horror.

Others though it was the funniest thing they had ever seen.

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I don't understand the $10 part.

It's a hopping vacation spot all summer long.  It kind of reminds me of Niagara Falls,  with all the attraction$.  They have a different  "...Week", each week.  It's always too crowded.

I think it's also fairly popular in the winter,  with the 'mobilers, skiers, fishermen.

Unless it's totally trashed now.  Or has a $gazillion in unpaid taxes attached to it.

Someone will bulldoze it and build an outlet mall.

We need more of those.

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There's great history around there.

When I found out it was where The Last of the Mohicans  took place,  after seeing the forts and rivers and lakes and historical markers...

I went to go look for where that waterfall scene was filmed!

It was filmed in North Carolina.



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If you really piss off Chingachgook, and deserve it,  he comes for you.

But he kills your children's children first...

and works his way up.

So,  you know he's coming for you,  and you know you have no seed left on this earth.

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