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So for supper tonight...


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I didn't feel like eating leftovers, so I went out in the garden and picked asparagus, rhubarb, leeks, and oregano, plus garlic and purple potatoes from the basement storage, and with chicken stock I made last week... I tried this fabulous (and easy) recipe... which is wonderful because every single bite tastes different from the last!  And all the bites are good!   https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/spring-essence-soup-with-pistou/

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5 hours ago, Maser said:

Looks good, but would be better suited for the cold winter months.  :) 

Can't do it in the winter - wouldn't have the fresh asparagus and rhubarb - those would turn to mush in the soup if I used frozen.  And it really wasn't a heavy soup since there wasn't any cream... now the asparagus/potato soup with the cream base - yeah, I eat a bowl of that for breakfast (don't judge me!) and I don't need to eat again until tomorrow.

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