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Whatever became of the Canadian truckers?


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Earlier this winter, all we heard about was that Canadian truck drivers had occupied several large Canadian cities, including Ottawa, as a protest to vaccine and mask mandates.

Mr. (Commissar)  Trudeau, declared them terrorists.  promised to seize their bank accounts and imprison them and I believe that he did just that for many of the protesters.

And then, March arrived and -- silence from the gasping, hyper-ventilating media.

What has happened to Canada's truck drivers?

Are they all broke and in jail?

I tried to contact several of the personalities at Fox News to enquire, dutifully filled out their little form and when submitted, was informed that an error had occurred.

I am really interested in this story.

I admired those truckers and though I am about as far from the Canadian border as one can get, I would like to know if there is now  a People's Republic on the northern border.


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Having failed to convince the population in both the United States and Canada that truck drivers, unlike tourists in the United States Capital building,  are domestic terrorists, the Marxists have moved on to Plan B:

Bankrupt them with incredibly high fuel costs.  ::shakefist:

The next phase is to generously offer government (taxpayer) assistance in purchasing an electric truck.

One that only goes 300 miles (483 kilometers) on one charge and charging stations are few to be found, fewer that function when found.

But, hey.

See how compassionate the Marxists are?

They could put the truckers in jail rather than destitution, eh?

I am glad that I am old and have only a few years on the planet remaining.

I do not want to live in AOC's communist dream world and mourn for those that will have to..

Yes, I am a bit grumpy today and disheartened today.

I believe that I will require ice cream.


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Thanks for the updated information, amigos.

Based on the interviews of the truckers, they seemed like good, decent people that did not deserve the crap their government heaped on them.


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