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A totalitarian onslaught against freedom on a worldwide scale


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Long read but innerstin'. What do y'all think? Is Peter going off the deep end?


Novelist Ian Fleming had his James Bond character opine, "Once is happenstance;  twice is coincidence;  three times is enemy action".  That's a yardstick that's been used by many organizations to assess what's going on in the world, whether at war (as Fleming did when he worked for a British military intelligence organization during World War II) or at peace.

There are so many signs of organization behind the current chaos and disorder in the world that I'm forced to the conclusion it's not actually chaos and disorder at all.  It's enemy action:  organized, planned, and being carried out on a scale so vast it's almost unthinkable.  Yet, when one examines the evidence, it's extremely difficult to come to any other conclusion.  Let me lay it out, and see what you think.

More at the link.

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