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Playoff Hockey!

Huaco Kid

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Don't have a dog in the fight but I have been watching some of the NHL playoff action.

One thing I like is the fact that every player flat out hustles.  No loafing.  I also like the rare today sportsmanship shown with the lineup and shaking hands after the series is decided. 


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On 5/16/2022 at 9:38 AM, ChuteTheMall said:

:number1::number1::number1:........Three-peat for the Lightning Bolts? 

Which team would you like to see in the playoffs against Tampa Bay?

I assume that the Lightning can dispose of either New York or Carolina.

I would be delighted with a series between Tampa Bay and Edmonton, even if they are Canadian.

The best goalie in the league against the best scorers in the league.



NB a Canadian team hasn't won the Stanley Cup since Montreal in 1993.

Let's keep the streak going.

All your  hockey are belong to us, hosers!

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So, I was watching  Colorado - St. Louis game 5.

Pretty good game, St. Louis came from 3 behind to tie, but Colorado scored with 2 minutes to go.

Game over. I changed the channel.

But, St. Louis scored again in regulation and then won in overtime -- which I didn't see.

Because I though that the game was over with 2 minutes to go.  :sigh:


NB here's to Edmonton for not plastering their helmets with some dopey corporate sponsor logo and Calgary only doing it for road game.   :cheerleader:

Next thing we know, professional teams in all sports will all have their sponsors logos plastered all over their uniforms like NASCAR drivers.  :miff:


Game on, eh!

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I forget what, or when, (a long while ago), but Pittsburgh had the "No Goal" controversy.  A very bad call that ended their playoff run.  People got "NO GOAL!" tattoos.

I think the referees, anymore,  are just there to make the scoring more even, for more overtime (and more commercials).  I've witness too much cheesy officiating, waaay too often.

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I agree.

The referees do seem to call penalties on the most innocent of stuff and let obvious tripping and slashing go .

Don't get me started on goalie interference. 

Remember when it was no goal if anyone but the goalie was in the blue paint?

Now they damn near sit in the goalie's lap and the NHL counts it good.  :miff:

And what happened to the rule that in a face off in either team's zone, the team whose zone it is in had to put his stick down first?

And they also had a time limit between stopping of play and the shenanigans before a face off.


I'm old and cranky.


NB I hate ESPN and TNT's coverage.

Their play-by-play people can't stop inserting cute little stories between who has the puck and where and the intermission hosts are all conceited assholes trying to be more clever and snarky than the others.

I mute them.


I am now older and crankier.

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The gnarliest, baddest men in the sports world must go to acting school,  because the pitifully phony dives they perform to draw penalties are painfully embarrassing.

It's something a toddler would do when they want a hug.

Pretty good game,  full-on,  and no one wants to be the f-up at this point.

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After a goal,  they show the replay 20 times, in slo-mo,  of the guy, maybe making spectacular moves, and making a wicked shot.

But they don't show the five or seven seconds before that,  where the f-up, or total breakdown, occurred.

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