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Sad Day.

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One of my favorite pizzerias is under new ownership. Same great pizza. Prices are just a little higher. Problem is you pay for what you get and you get what you pay for. The old owner was making his profit from pot.

He was just an old stoner and hired stoners. So you usual ended up with more than you ordered and paid a lot less. If anything at all.

But you never knew what pizzas you would end up with. You usually got something close to what you ordered but not always. It was a crap shoot but that was part of the fun. 

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Stoner places are great.  Sometimes.  Just have fun with it.

I went to a tiny pasty place, in a tiny town, in northern Michigan.

The teenaged hippy girl was sitting, cross-legged on the counter, next to the register.  She was nice.

I looked at the menu board, but didn't see it.  Do you have pepperoni pastys?"




Then she hopped down and got the guy in the back.

He was an angry hippy.


"Do you have pepperoni pastys?"

"Do you see it on the board?"


"Well........ "

"Can i get a pizza with double pepperoni?"


"But not a pepperoni pasty?"

Now I'm really harshing his buzz.

"OK.  I'll make you a damn pepperoni."

I got it back to the hotel (it looked and smelled like a masterpiece)  and cut it in half, because it was so big.

It had one slice of pepperoni in it.

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If you ordered a pasty with anything other than potato, onion, rutabaga and beef up Da UP, they'd find your body in one of the Cleveland Cliffs iron ore shafts.

Or floating in Lake Superior.


Do not mess with the sacred pasty!  :miff:


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