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Evil Granny


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So a friend is a law clerk. He files lots of paperwork for a private firm as well as his county court. He just filed record of burial he will never forget. The family representative filled the paperwork and my buddy says the usual I’m sorry for your loss. The rep gave him the story. 

Granny was described as pure evil by the family. Just a rotten, mean, nasty lady. No details but the entire family was relieved when she died. The plan was to just have the mortuary put her in a inexpensive casket and bury her on the old family plot at the farm without further ceremony. However many members of the family especially little kids, started having nightmares about granny coming back. One of the grandsons had an idea. 

They cremated the body and placed it in a silver plated urn with a silver crucifix on top of the ashes and soldered it closed. Placed the urn in a box made of Holly. Placed the wood box in a steel box and welded it closed. Dug a hole with a back hoe as deep as they could next to the family plot. Then entombed the whole thing in concrete. The grave was blessed and consecrated as her FINAL resting place by a Mormon Elder, Catholic Priest and a local Tribal Leader. They are going to plant sage and other herbs sacred to the Ute tribe on top. 

The nightmares have mostly stopped. 


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24 minutes ago, kerbie18 said:

Strikes me as rather archaic to think that the remains of her body really mean anything at all. But, I know lots of people believe in those things, so I don't want to step on anyone's religious beliefs....



After death rituals are for the living. Going to those lengths is pretty impressive of the kind of hold she had on her family.

The living must have really been intimidated, or she was that special kind of special. She could have just been a mean soul, but there are evil people. Not the evil deeds we like to throw around, but true, down to the bone, you can feel it when they walk into the room evil.

After being around one or two of the types, you can appreciate some things.

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