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Any Blue Bloods fans here?


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I watched it all and it was entertaining. But in retrospect, I think this scenario would be more realistic.


What really would have happened to some of Blue Bloods characters.


Henry Reagan

After the end of Sunday dinners, Henry lives alone in Franks big house, where the only thing he has to look forward to is a monthly outing with the boys left over from the old days, where they nightstick the colored folk at the Bitterman housing project.

Frank Reagan

Fired by Mayor Poole after Reverend Potter successfully sued the city for police brutality the 4th time and won again. Frank changes his name to Jessie Stone and takes the job as Paradise Police Chief, where he continues to terrorize the young women.

Reverend Potter

After successfully suing NYPD 4 times, Mr. Potter is now retired in Hawaii and spends his time chasing beach bunnies and spending the NYPD’s budget.

Danny Reagan

Currently Spending a 25 year stretch in the NYC Metropolitan Correctional Facility for civil rights violations and multiple aggravated assault convictions. Linda survived.

Danny’s partners except for detective Kate Lansing.

Spent the first few years fixing samitches for the Reagan family Sunday dinners until it fell apart and now they live lonely forgotten lives, even though they were all hot as hell!

Detective Kate:

See below.



She went on to become a porn star on the East Side.


Erin Reagan

Outcast from the family after never ending attacks from all the male Reagans, she resigned as ADA, moved to Austin TX and opened a lucrative private practice defending state and local democrats, from never ending graft, corruption, bribery and rape charges making reportedly a 1.5 mil a year.

How the family sees her:



Jameson Reagan

Current NYC District Attorney. Divorced.

Nikki Reagan

Who knows or cares? Prolly a rug muncher in San Fran.

Joe Hill

Followed moms advice which was, RUN!

Detective Abigail Baker

Known for her withering stares:


Current NYPD police commissioner.


Garrett Moore

Director of public relations for the NFL. Takes a knee well.

Sid Gormley

Transferred to the Staten Island auto pound. Committed suicide.

Maggie Gibbs


Predicted it all. Now lives in Vegas making  2.5 mil a year.


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